Well-versed in systems integration solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced is AFDtek at systems integration solutions?

AFDtek is anchored by a core team of specialists that have worked for over twenty-five years in the systems integration industry.

What type of system integration solutions do you provide?

AFDtek can provide you with systems integration solutions based on both off-the-shelf and purpose-built technology.

Are there specific industries that you specialize in?

AFDtek creates innovative integration solutions for building management systems and unique solutions.

What are some examples of the Unique Systems Integration Solutions you have provided?

  • A bench top tester for mechanical shaft encoders in the nuclear industry
  • A battery management system for a solar powered car
  • A performance fee calculator for a hedge fund company
  • A software license management system
  • Utility Reporting Tool

Can I download a demo of any of your products or solutions?

Yes. They are available in the DOWNLOADS section of our site.

Can I download a user manual for any of your products?

Yes. User manuals for all of our products are available in PDF-form in the DOWNLOADS section of our site.

Do you have any case studies I can review?

Yes. They are available in the DOWNLOADS section of our site.